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From this site, normally you can:

  • Discover How To Begin Homeschooling and dispel myths.

  • Learn about homeschool terms, methods, styles, umbrella schools, & accreditation, organization, laws, etc. and the DOE in your area.

  • Visit my comprehensive list of links to various Homeschool Blogs to get inspired.

  • Find tons of resources under nearly every school subject  from printables to projects from pre-k to 12th grade.

  • Find online educational games.

  • Find a new book to read.

  • Find bible study devotions and resources.

  • Learn when, where, or how to plan, grade, or write a rubric.

  • Learn how to create your own curriculum.

  • Visit links on testing, studying, & college entry.

  • Get homeschool records and teaching tools.

  • Homeschool online, offline, or in-line

  • Checkout a large list of homeschool stores, providers, and sites that offer in-depth information.

  • Learn how to be born-again!

  • Learn about budgeting

  • Learn about "Gluten Free" Living.

  • Vote if you like this site.

  • Leave a comment if you must.

  • Discover that new links are added regularly.  Be encouraged!


when I began homeschooling, I built home-edventures from the ground up out of my own mind.  I decided to give my site a fresh, new redesign, but stopped half-way when I discovered that a certain "homeschool mom" copied-- from my original site-- Most of my topics, standard layout, link names, and links and republished them to build up her site without even changing some of the names.  However, to be fair, it could have been her website designer that did it.


imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  although, I do believe that those who steal will be stolen from.  plagerism is ugly.  Please teach your homeschoolers to never plagerize and to give credit where credit is due.