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Teaching Diversity, Acceptance, & Tolerance

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Tip for Abusers:

Have you been accused?  Don't become an accusor.

Teaching a child to face up to what they have done and apologize directly teaches accountability and NO tolerance for foolishness.  This is pleasing to God because all Christians should be esteeming others more highly than themselves.  GO and BE reconciled is a command if you have wronged someone. 


Tip for the Hurting:

When you have been wronged, go to them and tell them their sin.  If they refuse to work it out with you and apologize, do this:

Holocaust Holocaust Tolerance Museum of Tolerance Children of Holocaust Anti-Defamation League Tolerance Lesson Plans Rebuke your Christian Brother BE RECONCIILED Forgive them Love Them Be Merciful Bless and Pray for them Forgive again Rebuke your Neighbor Do not keep company Likewise SAY and BE SORRY SETTLE MATTERS Take Note AfricanAmericanHistory Do not judge

Which now of these three, think you, was neighbor to him that fell among the thieves? 37 And he said, He that showed mercy on him. Then said Jesus to him, Go, and do you likewise. - Luke 10:36-37 AKJV