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Rubric for grading writtenwork How to grade a student

Some homeschoolers stay within a grade level and use a grading system for that grade level and some choose to teach from different grade levels without giving a grade at all but rather assessments.  Either way, you should have some sort of system in place where highschools and colleges have proof of actual learning potential, ability, and growth.  And for some, it is a requirement anyway--quarterly, or each semester.


Grades can be on a 10% scale such as

90-100=A, 80-90=B, 70-80=C,60-70=D, <59F

or a more challenging grading scale such as

94-100=A, 85-93=B, 76-84=B, 70-75=D, <69F


There are also points: ABCDF = 5pt. scale, ABC= 3pt. scale


You can decide how you grade unless an umbrella school or district says otherwise.  Writing assignments are graded from a rubric like the one given to the right.  There are different rubrics.  A rubric helps you assess the work from different criteria in order to grade.

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Grading & Rubrics

Quarter 2 (about 9 weeks)

Final Test (covering both quarters-Give a review study sheet)

Quarter 1 & 2 Grades

Final Semester Test Grade

Final Semester Grade

Typical Grading Examples:

Quarter 1 (about 9 weeks)

Charts Study Blue

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Art Rubric Example:

When creating a rubric, consider the student's age-appropriate skills that should be obtained at their grade level.  (Standards can help figure this out.)


A kindergartener most likely will not fully comprehend or have the skills of a 3rd grader.

Take the # of Correct Answers on the student's paper

Total # of Questions

By 100 to get the percentage



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