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All About Lapbooking

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Mini-Books for Lapbooking

What is LapBooking? How do I start?

What are WorkBoxes?  How do I start?

Pocket LapBook Example

A Lapbook about Cells

LapBooks can also be Mini Offices

Mini Pocket LapBook Example

Double LapBook Example


Workbox System

Scholastic Minibooks

Football Book

Layered Book

Triangle Book

Shape Book

Circle Book

Peek-a-Boo Book

Flap Book

Kite Book

Squash Book-(advanced)



Sue Patrick - The Original Creator of the Workbox System

Unit-Study 3-D Notebooking Pages copywork scope-and-sequence boxshot-sbmax yearbook_samples

This is a great place to create your yearbook or lapbook offices ===>

Free Stationary | Note Paper Free Scrapbook Paper Free Bookplates Free Notebooking Pages Free Journal Pages Jr Lap/Notebook Pages

Lapbooking allows you to cover many subjects under one topic.  You can cover History from one perspective, Art from another perspective, Literature from another perspective, etc. under the topic of the Pilgrims for instance.

Why Lapbooking?...