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How to Homeschool

If you are looking for an alternative to public school or need flexibility because you have a traveling family, homeschool options are the way to go.  You will be more than happy to know that there is no "one" way to homeschool.  But there are, however, ways to make homeschooling life a bit easier or smoother in transition.  On this website you will find tons of resources that will answer the questions that you may be looking for.  You can start with the Q & A below or jump right into the navigation boxes above!  If there is much needed information that you do not find here, please use a contact form to submit a question.

Q & A for New Homeschoolers

Where do I start? How much does it cost? Do I have the skills? Will this hinder my child? What is the best curriculum? Is there support in my area? Is homeschooling legal? Homeschool Statistics Do colleges accept them? 20GreatReasons Link button Myth Busters Accreditation Topics