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Below are the essential documents that you should have for "tip-top" records if you design your own homeschool.  You may have a curriculum that does part of this for you.  But if you don't, use these forms.

Second, I recommend that you do not type the form on the computer because the spaces will expand and change the form entirely.  That is why they are PDFs.  The only form that is customizable is the Project Doc so that you can insert your own pictures and the Report Card for grade scale customization and adding school name  and grades if desired.   Child's portfolio in Florida needs to be kept for 2 years (add 2-3 samples of each subject  each year.)

You must have a list of educational materials used for your lessons which is why the lesson planner is important.  You can however use this sheet for the month or quarter to help track items you purchased in a given timespan.  You may not have many sources each month so this is also good for tracking all sources, supplies, etc. because it is more detailed.  I added the cost sections to keep track.

Also, you must have field trip and project records showing that your child has actually completed the work (inserting images is optional).  

  • If you have a digital camera, you can right-click to insert your image into the mock pictures on the Word 2007 Template.  

  • If you have Word 97-2003, you can remove the mock pics and insert your own.

  • If not, you can paste pictures on the document too using the PDF which does not have the mock pictures.  You can take this doc with you when you go on trips.  This is a final record.

If you have an eclectic style and put your own lesson plan together, try this day planner.  You can also record the information from this page to the:

  • Monthly Lesson Record (if it fits)

  • Materials Sheet (if needed)

  • Grade Book Online

then file with student assignments.

. . . Or this weekly planner. (4 subjects/projects a day) You can use this form in the same manner, record this information to the:

  • Monthly Lesson Record

  • Materials Sheet (if needed)

  • Grade Book Online

 then you can file it with

 student assignments.

Write out your goals and objectives for each quarter (10 weeks=1 quarter usually).  But you can do it every two months.  This is a final and necessary document for Floridians.

What is the difference between a goal and an objective?

  • Goals are broad objectives are narrow.

  • Goals are general intentions; objectives are precise.

  • Goals are intangible; objectives are tangible.

  • Goals are abstract; objectives are concrete.

  • Goals can't be validated as is; objectives can be validated.

The 11 slot is for many subjects such as math, spelling, writing,(or you could put language arts), reading, science, health, social studies, bible study,history, P.E., electives (music, foreign language, art)

This is a monthly record for each of your monthly folders.  You can take your lesson plan and record information on this overview document which is a curriculum list and more--reflection included.  Attach with your materials sheet.

You should have, and in most cases must have, a Student Data Form with your child's information, basic medical history, and immunizations required by law.  You should also have a current health examination within the year of school entry.  For immunizations, you can pick up the official blue form DH680 (for your child's "school") at your doctor's office or create a record with form DH686 updated by your doctor for your records.  For exemptions, read p12 on DH681.  DO NOT SEND YOUR NOTICE OF INTENT BEFORE THEY ARE OF AGE (6 in Florida by Jan.)  Whenever you send anything, always send it as "return receipt requested" so that you have proof.  Do not trust that they will get everything - save your own copies too.  The date on your letter of intent in Florida is your anniversary date for evaluations due to the board.  If you don't want to look like a homeschool but still want to homeschool, register under an "umbrella school" and you won't need to send a letter to the board.

Unofficial Data Form PDF Quarterly Goals & Object PDF 5 Course Day Plan PDF 5 Day Weekly Plan PDF Materials Document PDF Project Word 2007 Template Project Word 97-03 Doc Project PDF Monthly Lesson Record PDF FLDeptofHealth-DH686 Rubric for grading writtenwork How to grade a student


Some homeschoolers stay within a grade level and use a grading system for that grade level and some choose to teach from different grade levels without giving a grade at all but rather assessments.  Either way, you should have some sort of system in place where highschools and colleges have proof of actual learning potential, ability, and growth.  And for some, it is a requirement anyway--quarterly, or each semester.

Grades can be on a 10% scale such as

90-100=A, 80-90=B, 70-80=C,60-70=D, <59F

or a more challenging grading scale such as

94-100=A, 85-93=B, 76-84=B, 70-75=D, <69F

There are also points: ABCDF = 5pt. scale, ABC= 3pt. scale

You can decide how you grade unless an umbrella school or district says otherwise.  Writing assignments are graded from a rubric like the one given.  There are different rubrics.

You Customise WORD2007 Challenging Report Card PDF More on Grading ===> You Customise WORD97-03 QuartGoals&Obj-PDF 11 slot Report Card 11slot 2007 Info on DH681 Exemption p12 How to grade a student Free Rubrics and Creator Florida State Standards Tips 4 writing a lesson plan COPYRIGHT USE QUIZ FLStandSearchBenchmarks Download Bundle Here Extra Sources/SuppliesPDF School Entry Health ExamForm Free Tutoring and Tutor Sites

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Keep a record of what rubrics you are using when grading also.

5DayWeekly with Grade Slot

The following homeschool lesson plans were designed typically for 1 student, not a class.

Need more days?  Print only page 2 if you want need all 7 days.

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